Where it all began!

I am Bella and I am 15 years old. I was about 4 years old when I started my first vocal and motor tics! I did not even know I was doing them until we watched back videos. My parents thought I just had some quirky ways.

I remember sniffing, blinking and clearing my throat a lot.

I was not diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome until about 11 years old and it has been very hard to get the right help here in the UK.

Primary school was fine and I loved it but secondary School was tough and as i got older the bullying started so I ended up being home schooled as the environment was much calmer for me.

Tourette’s is very misunderstood and the Tv/media do not show the co-morbids that come with it. The OCD /ADHD and many more that invade my life on a daily basis.

Music is the one thing that can make me forget about everything.

My tics do not define who I am.

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