Tourettes and Me

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I started showing signs of tics at age 7. Life had been really difficult since the pandemic started for everyone, but with being inside and with people constantly, some people with Tourettes, like me, have had worse tics.

My tics piqued when the pandemic began and they’ve been progressively more violent ever since.

This obviously isn’t good.

My family has been very good about it thankfully and I have been able to get through many tough times.

But times got darker after the pandemic.


I was constantly suffering and I didn’t know how to deal with tics since the hard hit of them happened so suddenly. I got more depressed and started smoking because a TS Facebook group I joined mentioned that smoking helped tics (it didn’t).

I almost committed something terrible and went to the ER which then I got sent to inpatient. This kind of helped with depression but definitely not with tics.


I’m still learning how to deal with my tics, and I found that stress toys and gum really help a lot. Hopefully these are things others can use in the long run.

At age 15, i guess most would say i’ve been through a lot of sh!t. And honestly, aside from tics with personal stuff, i’d agree.


The way I constantly beat myself with tics is awful. I have so many bruises just from that alone. Falling, punching, scratching and hitting myself kills me. I have to explain my bruises to people, and my friends around the world with Tourettes know that it’s really difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t have TS or know what it is.


Well, I hope whoever reads this learns that Tourettes is a lot more than just making funny sounds. By the way, TS is known as the “swearing disease” and i hate that. In fact, only 10% of people with Tourettes swear, and it’s called Coprolalia.

Thank you for reading!

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