Things need to change

I’ve been seeing on storys and posts on Instagram about people just treating other people horribly. I saw someone’s Instagrams she has a chronic illness. I was just scrolling thro her Instagram just trying to get to know her, not stalking I swear. I saw on one of her story highlights from a bit ago and there was a message on there that was just rude and should have never been sent to her.The person was telling her That she was lying and that she couldn’t possibly be in that much pain because she was doing things and going places. and that’s just harsh and not true.

I have also been seeing on other peoples story’s and posts about people telling them that they are faking and lying just for attention. We aren’t faking and lying I have been told that my seizures are fake and while they arent epileptic seizures they are still seizures. Even if they are psychogenic seizures. As well as my Tourette’s just because I don’t have my tics 24/7 doesn’t mean I don’t have tics I don’t fake bruises and pin I don’t pretend to hit myself I don’t fake any of it. there are people out there that fake it and that’s horrible but that doesn’t mean everyone is. People need to be nicer and need to keep opinions and comments to themselves.

That’s the end of this rant, for now…

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