we have another exciting collaboration here in The Lions Den. This time, we have the pleasure of travelling over four-and-a-half-thousand miles to India as we speak to Ms. Bhavya Shrivastava to talk about “the cricle around the gender favoritism that prevails, not only in India, but around the world. How the genders are differentiated even when it comes to opportunities and about the emotions and feelings of the feminine gender.”

Bhavya Shrivastava is a dandy 17 year old high school student from India, her pronouns are she/her. She hates procrastinating and loves to dance and is in absolute awe with the British accent. Her favourite TV Show is The Vampire Diaries.

“Gender favourism or more appropriately gender bias is the topic that is in the air. Since time immemorial people have opposed it in their own way some just talked about it and some wrote, some suppressed it and some revolted. But it didn’t changed the fact that it is still breathing the air in the so called indepentnt nation of the 21th centuary. It is none other than the DIVERSITY RICH, EQUALITY AND DEMOCRACY BASED, MULTILINGUAL, FESTIVE and a COMMUNAL country of the world INDIA. Challenging the social and ethical norms of the land is arduous. Challenging the practices and the beliefs is revolting. But who cares after so much of MODERNISATION and EDUCATIONAL PHASE who wants to be caged in the so called ABILITY BELIEF. Every human is capable of doing what he thinks he can but in india if you are a boy then you are potentially blesses who cares about a good or a bad one ,devil or an angle, what they actually cares is the gender. Your ability and capablitily is decided with your gender. Being mascular and hard makes you more capable than any other breathing being or gender of the world, it feels disgusting right? Not feeling strong and brave in your own body. Being differentiated and distinguished on the basis of body type, don’t know about other but yes I do feel that pain knowing the fact about my soul being in a feminine body, I do feel insecure and incapable, not strong and worthy of doing and achieveing things, not only by the society that we live in and prais but also in the family that we grew up in. In reality it’s a perception that is never going to change alteast for the next 50 years and we have a fair share in the upcomining HARD TO BREATHE GLORIOUS YEARS of this GEN Z. Following and speaking mellininal hasn’t changed our mentality and neither our actions, its just we see it happen and then experience it the other day. Im totally doomed thinking this. Actually its a spectrum, a point of view, a mental perception that is not going to change any time sooner. As being a female im assuring that, so ignoring the fact and believing that the TABLES WILL TURN is ABSURD but kinda way of looking at the BRIGHT SIDE , what should be done is to start from ourselves, with our family and eveuntally a miracle will happen. Try not hating your ownself and the feminine power around you because it’s the SUPPORT and SPIRIT that will keep us GOING in the COLD EYED WORLD.” – BHAVYA SHRIVASTAVA

Thank you Bhavya, for collaborating with me on this momentous occasion and during pride month. We welcome and and all here in the Lion‘s Den and we allow all to tell their tales.

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