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We all have those bad days in school right? Well, imagine that, but every day. That’s what it’s like to have Tourette Syndrome in school.

Hey! I’m the kid making all the noise. That’s me. But I’m not doing it just to be a bad kid, I’m doing it because I can’t help it. Don’t blame me for interrupting, I really can’t help it.

Tip for Ticcers out there: Let your teachers know about your tics before school begins if possible. I did that, and I was placed in a seat I chose in the back as to not disturb anyone.

I have a mini back pack that I carry with my everywhere that contains my essentials for tics. I have my wrist braces, stress toys and gum and plenty of other things. I will be posting a Youtube video on my account Autumn Leaves Please about what is in my bag.

School is stressful. Not just for people with Tourettes. But especially for people with Tourettes (or tic disorders).

Imagine this: walking down the hallway and falling down every few feet, jerking your head to the side multiple times, whistling and yelling as everyone turns their head to look at you. That’s my school life.

Recently, I‘ve switched to online school, and I’m planning to stick with that until I feel comfortable entering in person school again.

Imagine: you walk into class, and take your seat in the back corner of the room so you don’t disturb anyone. But everything that happened in the hallway is still happening now. Again, this is my life.

Now that it’s summer time, the stress has lessened, but seemed to calm my tics a little. I’m currently in the middle of moving, so the stress is still there and I get tic attacks every once in a while, but it’s not too bad.

That’s why I’m worried about school.

Last year when I would get a tic attack, I would go to a separate room in the nurses office with my bag and wait it out. That seems to work pretty ok for me, and that’s the best suggestion for ticcers.

My teachers thankfully all understood what was happening and fulfilled my accommodations. Sitting in the back, leaving when needed, etc.

Thank you for reading and hopefully for the non ticcers, you now understand how difficult it is for us, and for the ticcers, you learned something useful for school!

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