Lost days

Days like today suck more than any other! Days where I feel lost in almost every area of life.

So many thoughts go through my head that I can’t control or separate so they become one big jumbled mess. Relationship breakdowns are so hard even after nearly 16 months, and they are even harder when you have children.

Throughout life I have always battled with the idea that I’m not good enough! Not good enough at school, not a good enough son, not a good enough husband and not a good enough father. constantly beating myself up and hating who I see in the mirror. I constantly believe I don’t deserve to be happy and when I have happiness I don’t accept it and inevitably mess it up!

these thoughts I live with daily and some days I am able to forget and then days like today I can not!

Not sure why I’m saying this but if anyone who is reading these has days like mine then know it can happen to anyone and tomorrow is a new day.

From one struggler to another i salute you!

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