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In the Lion's Den where very fortunately able to contact American, hard-rock band, Throw the Fight, and we were lucky enough to send in some questions for Lead Guitarist, Ryan Baustert. With over two-hundred and eight-thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and over fifty-thousand digital sales worldwide, Throw the Fight are only just getting started. Successfully releasing their latest album, Settle your sins, in August 2020, they have continued to release even more music with their new single, Going Numb - A powerful journey of metal struggles with anxiety. A combination of heavy vocals with a softer melody, when comparing to their previous singles.

Ryan Baustert has played lead guitar for the band for over eighteen-years and has performed all over the United States and Canada with bands such as: Black Veil Brides; Bullet for my Valentine; Avenged Sevenfold; Papa Roach; and may others. Throw the fight have also had the honour of playing at the prestigious Vans Warped Tour and Rock USA.

Ryan helps independent musicians build a career by offering a 5-email course on how to leverage streaming services like Spotify. "[He will teach you] how to grow your fanbase, make more recurring revenue, and build your career - on your own terms." you can find more information in this course on

Right, onto the Q&A:

Dan: "What are the most difficult, mental challenges that an emerging band can face when starting out?"

Ryan: "When an artist is just starting out, it can be far too easy to feel like you need to be doing #allthethings or constantly comparing yourself to larger artists who are 20 steps ahead of you. So it's important to just focus on your craft and songwriting. Everything else will start to fall into place over time but the songs need to come first. If you don't focus on writing and recording quality material first, everything else becomes 10 times harder when it comes to marketing your music and growing your fanbase.

Dan: "Can you name some of your personal influences for creating music, and why?"

Ryan: "I'm a big fan of artists like Story of the Year, Thrice, Killswitch Engage, etc. Those bands have had a profound impact on our songwriting over the years. Tons of heavy riffs with melodic vocals. That's our jam!"

Dan: "I find professional wrestling and heavy metal to be my escapes from mental health issues, do you guys have anything that help you escape from the world outside?"

Ryan: "Fitness is definitely our escape."

Dan: "Do you believe in the connection between mental health and rock music?"

Ryan: "Absolutely! Music can connect with people on many different levels, especially in a live setting."

Dan: "How have you, as a band, kept motivated to record & release new music during the coronavirus pandemic?"

Ryan: "Our focus now is to release less music more frequently. We've been dropping a lot more singles and EPs lately, which is what we'll continue to do for the rest of the year. Since touring isn't an option, we made a conscious decision to focus on the only thing that we have control over, which is writing and recording."

Dan: "Do you guys have any techniques that help you write music? For example, do you use previous experiences, do you write things down in a notebook, etc?"

Ryan: "When it comes to writing music, we'll demo tracks in Garageband and send the session files back and forth to each other. It allows us to quickly get ideas put together prior to entering the studio. As far as lyrics go, we pull inspiration from our own personal experiences."

Dan: "What do you believe is the importance of creating your own image and being yourself?"

Ryan: "Branding is critical and it goes much farther than a logo or color palette. It's one of those things that develops over time. At the end of the day, as long as you're being true to yourself and your vision, you can't go wrong."

Dan: "Can you add some inspiring advice for aspiring musicians? - that would be also very appreciated, thank you!"

Ryan: "The best advice I can give is to always be working on your craft, in addition to learning the ins and outs of digital marketing. Being a musician today, you have to realize you're also an entrepreneur and you have to wear a lot of hats by default."

We'd like to take this time to thank Ryan Baustert for allowing us to ask these questions and we hope to hear back from him in the future, or even see Throw the Fight play in the U.K. one day.

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Facebook - Throw the Fight

Also follow them on all major streaming services such as Apple Music & Spotify to listen to their latest releases including their new single - "Going Numb"

Thank you all for reading!

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