How Metal has helped my Tics

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Hi I’m Chelsea, I’m 17 years old I am goth and a huge fan of heavy metal and Rock. Some of my favourite bands include black veil brides, HAVOK, like a storm, bullet for my valentine and that list can go on for ages, I listen to music nearly everywhere I go because I find it calming.

I also really enjoy art and drawing especially skulls and dark themed pieces such as characters from horror films and even creating my own characters

Over the last 6 months I started to develop tics, it hasn’t yet been diagnosed as Tourette’s but I am in the process of being diagnosed. Around the beginning of the year I started noticing that my neck kept twitching but I didn’t really think anything of it for a while, a few weeks later it started to happen a lot more often also at this time I started having an urge to whistle and it was uncontrollable.

At this point I had no knowledge on tics and Tourette’s and in my head I thought I was going insane, so it was kind of a shock to me when I went to my doctor about it and she told me what it could possibly be that included Tourette’s, Anxiety and stress. So I decided to do more research on it so that I am aware of what could be causing my tics.

About a month and a bit later my tics really started to get more noticeable I started having more vocal tics I probably gained like 3 new vocal tics in about a month.

school became a lot harder for me because I feared that people in my classes would stare at me so I tried suppressing my tics ( you know that feeling of when you need to cough? It’s like that! ) but it was so hard and uncomfortable to do that. In the end I was like you know what I can’t help what my tics make me say or do I’m just gonna let them out and my teachers knew about my tics and that I couldn’t control it and they were so supportive even everyone is my class wasn’t bothered.

Things I have found that help control my tics are play doh,fidget rings, pop it’s and even chewlery. My favourite is the fidget rings because they’re so discreet especially if school because you can have it under the desk and nobody would know.

As stated at the beginning, I am a huge metal fan and it has helped me greatly helping to calm my tics down and on occasions they have stopped completely whilst listening to music which is the best feeling. Listening to music means I feel more relaxed and not think about my tics, just concentrating on what I’m listening to has helped to reduce my tics

I believe it is important to spread awareness of tics and Tourette’s everywhere especially in schools and colleges because I feel it is not spoken about enough, throughout my years in school I had no education on tics or Tourette’s.


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