Danny Steele - Preview!

After the announcement yesterday, we’ve asked Danny Steele to compile a preview of his life with ADHD before our chat this weekend. 🤍

“Living with ADHD had always been a challenge, from not being able to focus in school to finding it difficult remembering to even look after myself. Sometimes just thinking before I do or speak makes life challenging. It’s hard in public to fit a standard that people have come to call "normal" and that's not what we should have to do. We can all dress, speak, act how we want to if it expresses who we are, and it doesn’t break the law.

I have found help with my ADHD in the forms of music; skateboarding; exercise; cannabis; but it still doesn’t mean I don’t struggle some days. With a brain that doesn’t shut off, I turn to music as it can work in my favour sometimes. ADHD is not a problem, nor a blessing; it just depends how you use it to your advantage and know when to accept it as a downfall in your life.

My influences into drumming were alot of things: bullying; wanting to be alone; and finding a safe space. As a huge fan of Avenged Sevenfold, I always wanted to learn how to play their music as their drummer, The Rev, was my biggest personal influence in my style of playing and sound on a kit. My mum was a huge help, buying me a drum kit when she found out that I enjoyed pursuing it, and she thought it would be good for my ADHD. Living with ADHD is a both a blessing and a curse; There are ways to make it useful and ways it can just stop you from functioning the right way. Music is a huge part of my life and it always will be.”

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