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Im hazel and I have a daughter called georgia who is my true inspiration, she tells everyone I’m her hero.

She is actually my hero, she’s so strong and doesn’t see how amazing she is.

For a few years my daughter has really struggled with mental health along with Tourettes and ASD and ADHD.

For a long time she has felt completely different to everyone else.

She has always wanted to keep herself hidden away and not tell others how she felt, she hid this out of fear of what they might say, and for someone with ASD this is extremely hard to explain.

We’ve had a really hard time with mental health services and not getting the right support for Georgia, its been a battle i won’t lie and extremely hard for us as a family and even harder for Georgia.

We will share more around this when the time is keep following us to see updates and share this journey with us.

We have set up our awareness page in the hope that we can offer support to others and also for Georgia to gain confidence to embrace who she is.

Please be mindful one comment can set someone back, We want love and support we both have so much to give ❤️ Lots of love Hazel and Georgia xxx

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