Battle of the Illnesses

Updated: Oct 19

Neurological illnesses have been really hard on me lately.

But neurological illnesses aren't the only ones that have been taking a toll on me...

I suffer with social anxiety, anxiety, and severe depression.

TW: mentions of suicidal thoughts

I suffer from suicidal thoughts. "Who doesn't once in a while?" No. I mean severely suffer. I have been hospitalized time and time again for this and to no avail. Currently, I haven't been to school in about 2 weeks, and I'm continuing that streak following my mental hospital program. I'm worried about what people will think and/or say when I come back.

Sitting in my old seat... what will people think of me?

"Why haven't you been in school?" The question I dread and the reason I'm scared to go back. It might not seem like a big deal to many, but with anxiety, it's a huge deal. I'm terrified.

Suffering from mental health issues is a big deal and is definitely not talked about enough.

Moving on from this topic, neurological issues are a big deal that aren't talked enough about either. Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disability that I suffer with every. freaking. day. It makes every bit of my day harder and harder to deal with. From simple twitches to locking episodes, Tourette's is no fun disability.

It disheartens me to see people (including myself) being fake claimed day after day, and even more so to see people faking (like the kids who cover themselves with blankets on tiktok). This disability is so hard to deal with day after day, so exhausting mentally and physically, and it just. doesn't. stop.

Not only is it hard to deal with, but it's even harder to explain. It's super embarrassing. How would you like to be stared at every day by a new person? It's not fun. But most people with tics encourage others to ask questions, I'm sure asking why they're twitching is better than staring, especially in my experience.

Sorry for ranting, but it needed to be said. Mental and neurological health matter more than you may think, and it's super important to take your own into account, and take care of yourself.

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