Back To School

Hello! So we’re going back to school, and I thought I’d list a few tips for my friends with Tourette Syndrome and tic disorders.

  1. Bring Your Stress Things

I have a little bag I use that’s full of things like gum, mints, stress balls and other things like that. These help me focus on things other than my tics.

2. Talk To Your Teachers

Talk to your teachers about your tics and ask for a special placement in the classroom. When I was in my old school, my teachers were very understanding and let me choose my seat (i chose the back corner of the class).

3. Make Accommodations

On top of talking about your seating arrangement, talk about accommodations you may need, such as leaving the classroom. If your tics are starting to get bad, have a code for the teacher to help you leave the class.

4. Nurses Office

And on top of THAT, have a signal that lets them know you need to go to the nurse. Let the nurse know you may be down there often and what they should do to prepare.

5. The Bus

Let your bus driver know you have tics and make sure they’re prepared for some thrashing! You have to prepare them before they start driving so they don’t crash!

I hope this helped my friends with Tourettes and tic disorders, good luck in school!

-Nicole, ticcy.nikki

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