Adulting is looking both ways before you cross the street and being hit by an airplane

Adulting sucks. Especially when autistic. When neurodivergent. When your brain isn't developed at the age, your body is, and yet you're supposed to act your age. You are forced to navigate all of adulting and trying to understand the world that is run for people who are not neuro divergent.

I am fortunate to work in a place that is accommodating for the most part. Alas, my disability does get in the way, and people are uncomfortable. Been told may get written up for something I can't control then being told I've been there for a while, I should know. News flash, I could be there 20 years, and it still be the same. It's a disability not something I can snap my fingers and be better. And it's not as if it's a detriment. I didn't place the mop cart thingy (the ringer) back in the correct place as I didn't need it for floors (I placed it on the floor, lol ). Every time I'm told this, I say I'm not perfect like you; I'm neurodivergent. I have a disability. And they talk about how long I've been here, like it doesn't matter, sorry.

If you made it through this, I applaud you.

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