A mum raising awareness and supporting my child on her journey with Tourettes and ASD.

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So where do I start.....

Keep on reading, let me share some of our story with you all.

My daughter has been on her very own journey these last few years, I’ve been along with her as well, it’s not been easy but we haven’t given up 💪.

A few years ago we noticed a few face tics these could be very random eye blinking, scrunching the nose, random quotes on repeat.

My daughter at the time was 10 years old, we went to the GP and they told us it was anxiety tics, as she was extremely anxious around changes etc and we didn’t know anything about ASD at this point, as im sure you’re aware ASD can be much harder to diagnose in girls due to learning how to behave, at the time she was transitioning to go to secondary school so we felt the answers we were given were correct, who would question a health professional?

I do question them NOW as I won’t allow us to be pushed to one side and forgotten about ☝️

Over a period of time her anxiety and MH become a lot worse, I can’t share to much around her mental health as that’s her story to tell.

She didn’t feel comfortable enough to talk about what she was feeling or what she was hiding.

She hid her tics from everyone in fear of being bullied, and this isn’t fair on anybody to experience 😢.

Bullying isn’t ok, and I could talk about bullying and the impact it has on others all day long and I won’t bore you guys with that..it’s something very close to us.

We had the diagnosis of Tourettes and ASD back in 2020.

Her vocal and motor tics have become so strong, she didn’t feel comfortable letting them out and would hold them in for as long as her body would allow, she would become extremely tired and sometimes she would vomit due to holding them in, or have tic rage and these are extremely tiring for the person who suffers from them.

If she wasn’t with me or her family she would hold them in..she feels comfortable with letting them out in front of us as a family, we are her safety net.

Unfortunately over the last few months we’ve been having what we’ve been told is, ””non epileptic fits”. This is something new to her, and us.

We are currently waiting for further testing, The consultant feels this is more linked with Tourettes and FND-functional neurological disorder.

But they have to do EEG to monitor brain activity this is going ahead very soon.

Im slowly learning, but do you know what? In my eyes my daughter is a true fighter 💪

She just doesn’t understand how amazing she really is, I will be her advocate for as long as she allows me and I will share our journey as well.

mum raising awareness ❤️🌈❤️

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